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Personal Injury Lawyers in Florence, KY

Dallas & Turner PLLC is a personal injury law firm in Florence, KY. The experienced injury lawyers in our firm have served the Florence and northern Kentucky communities - as well as clients throughout Kentucky - for over 30 years. We focus on all areas of personal injury, including car accidents, semi-truck accidents, medical malpractice, as well as many other types of personal injury law.

Our success story as a small law firm is rooted in our deep tradition of providing simple and honest legal representation to our community and all over Kentucky.

As a family-based firm, we are able to treat our clients with great care and personal attention, unlike the treatment many receive at larger, less personal law firms.

Everyone's legal situation is unique, but we understand just how important it is to help you achieve peace of mind as we work towards accomplishing your legal goals.

If you are struggling with a legal matter and would like to talk to a firm who will treat you the way you deserve, then give us a call any time.

ryan turner

"Our family-based firm has been dedicated to serving our community, and that means we take extra care of ensuring our clients are being treated as they deserve. If you think you need legal help, give us a call and put our experience to work for you."

Ryan Turner, Personal Injury Lawyer in Florence, KY

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Dallas & Turner is a personal injury law firm dealing primarily with car accidents, trucking accidents, defective auto products, DUI accidents, and much more.

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