Trucking Abuses Threaten Lives On The Road

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Trucking Abuses Threaten Lives On The Road

New Regulations Aim To Improve Safety

Trucking is a fact of American life and business.

Companies of all sizes rely on truckers to deliver their goods cross country. American business would grind to a halt without the vital work done by over-the-road truckers behind the wheel of semis.

But the massive 18-wheel big-rigs operated by truckers can also be extremely dangerous -- especially when loaded with tons of cargo or hazardous materials. These vehicles inherently put passenger cars, pickup trucks and SUVs in peril. Not to mention lives.

That's why the trucking industry is guided by strict guidelines for trucking companies, as well as their employees. To protect the lives of men, women and children.

Hour restrictions

The U.S. Department of Transportation mandates that truckers hauling goods may drive no more than 11 hours, and only following 10 consecutive hours off duty. Furthermore, truckers may work no more than 14 consecutive hours, including non-driving tasks.

Hours spent driving, resting and performing other duties are typically recorded in logs. Ink and paper logs first became a requirement for truckers back in 1938.

Of course, no one is there watching over their shoulders, so the honor system is firmly in place. The faster a trucker completes a delivery, the more cargo he can deliver. So the system is vulnerable to falsified logs.

A system prone to abuse

Safety experts have long decried the honor system, claiming that it's too easy and too tempting for truckers to falsify logs.

But it appears the old system is about to change.

In January 2016, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration announced that truckers and bus drivers must use electronic logging to record their driving hours. The high-tech tracking system monitors vehicle movement, location information, engine hours and miles traveled.

The FMCSA estimates that the new system will save $1 billion by reducing paperwork and will prevent 26 fatalities and 562 injuries.

Trucking companies will have two years to install electronic monitoring devices in their fleets.

Investigating abuses

When accidents involving semis occur, it's the responsibility of the investigating agency to interrogate the trucker's logs. It could be that he's driven over the prescribed mileage limit, failed to take adequate breaks or gotten enough sleep.

But sometimes a police investigation isn't enough.

Experienced Semi Accident Attorneys

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