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Kentucky Car or Truck Products Liability Attorney

Major automobile manufacturers earn billions of dollars from the annual sales of their cars, trucks, and SUVs. As vehicle owners, we hope manufacturers use their massive profits to ensure that our safety is their top priority. It is why we blindly give our trust to these major automakers to build a dependable and safe product.

Unfortunately, there exist countless examples of defective cars and trucks leaving an assembly line and later causing serious injury and/or death to its owner and others.

Legal Experience on Your Side

If you have been injured by a defective car or truck, it is possible that you deserve to be compensated from the manufacturer who is responsible for the negligent design. However, it is nearly impossible to fight a major auto manufacturer on your own and difficult even for seasoned attorneys.

Product liability cases against auto manufacturers are defended by powerful defense attorneys and other high-priced experts, all of whose goal is to make your claim go away. What’s worse, these auto manufacturers have an endless supply of cash to devote to the defense of your claim. Without an experienced Kentucky car or truck products liability attorney on your side, you may have little to no chance of ever getting the justice you deserve.

Major Car & Truck Maker Recall Notices

It is not uncommon to learn of news about a major recall for a particular make and model of a vehicle. Hundreds of millions of cars, trucks, and SUVs have been recalled in the past 20 years for serious design flaws and defective parts that have the potential to cause serious injury or death.

When a recall occurs, owners of the defective vehicle are usually informed of the danger by a letter mailed to them from the auto manufacturer. Unfortunately, these documents may not reach the owner before they are harmed or fatally injured.

You can also check the latest known recalls of some of the major manufacturers by visiting their recall directory:

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also offers an online recall search:

NHTSA Search

Additionally, it remains a sad fact that many of the negligent design flaws and defective parts are not identified until accidents and injuries occur. With this in mind, it is important to understand that just because you do not receive a recall notice, or see one listed on the auto manufacturers website, it is still possible a dangerous design flaw can exist.

Types of Defective Automobile Parts

When a car or truck part is defective, a constant hazard exists that can, at any time, cause serious injury or death to the driver, passengers, and anyone sharing the road with the vehicle. And while new cars and trucks undergo strict safety testing and quality inspections, the fact remains that auto manufacturers are more concerned with a single goal: Profit.

The product liability attorneys at Dallas & Tuner, PLLC, handle product a wide variety of product liability cases, includes vehicles that have been affected by the following defects:

Tires – Tread separation and defective tire sidewalls are two design flaws responsible for sudden tire blowouts that can cause a driver to lose control of a vehicle and be involved in a serious accident, especially if the car was traveling at higher speeds on an interstate or highway. Visit our defective tire page for more information about how a defective tire lawyer can help you with your case.

Airbags – Since being introduced to modern vehicles, defective airbags have been responsible for a number of serious injuries and, in some instances, death. A defective airbag cases typically arises from the bag failing to deploy or being activated without cause. Visit our defective airbag page for more information about how a defective airbag lawyer can help you with your case.

Seatbelts – Seatbelt failure can result in a person being ejected from a vehicle and/or suffering serious injury inside the vehicle. Performing a professional inspection of the seatbelt and all its components to ensure it did not fail is essential to a successful auto product liability case.

Brakes – Defective brakes can leave a driver without the ability to stop, creating an obvious danger to themselves and others on the road.

Car seats – Defective car seats cannot by themselves be tied to an auto manufacturer, however, the fact that there have been several car seat design flaws that were proven responsible for a child’s injury or death, it is critical that you be aware of any and all potential recalls or dangers associated with them.

Accelerator pedals – A stuck accelerator pedal can cause the driver to crash or lose control at high speeds, leaving the potential for serious injury.

Doors – During a crash or rollover it is possible for the doors to unintentionally open, causing serious death or injury to the driver. Most vehicles are now designed to prevent this happening, yet it continues to be a common problem in the design of cars and trucks.

Crashworthiness – During a crash or rollover, there are basic industry standards that dictate whether a car or truck has been designed to safely and reasonably suffer a crash without unnecessarily harming the driver. Yet, time and again, we see relatively minor crashes crush some vehicles like aluminum cans. In these kinds of cases, it is important that you hire an attorney familiar with the principles of crashworthiness.

Rollovers – Injuries and death cause by rollovers are typically associated with SUVs and vans that were built with a “top-heavy” design. Anytime a rollover occurs, it is critical that you have an experienced Kentucky auto defect lawyer inspect the vehicles overall design.

Winning Your Automobile Product Liability Case

Defective car and truck cases are among the most complex and expensive lawsuits that exist. They require immediate assistance from an experienced product liability lawyer so that the vehicle can be placed on an official hold in a storage facility and then readied for a thorough inspection to preserve all necessary evidence.

To increase your chances of receiving compensation from the automobile manufacturer, it must be proven that:
  • The car or truck part was defective as a result of manufacturer design.
  • A defective auto part was the main cause of the accident.
  • The accident caused by the defective part resulted in serious injury and/or death.

Put simply, your defective car or truck is your entire case. Without it, your chances of recovering compensation for your injuries are significantly less.

Contact a Kentucky Defective Car and Truck Lawyer

If you believe a defective auto part was the cause of your accident and injuries, it is possible that you have a products liability case against the vehicle manufacturer. It is critical that you speak to a Florence, Kentucky product liability lawyer that can help you attempt to recover compensation for your loss.

You can speak to a Dallas & Turner, PLLC, lawyer immediately about your potential claim by calling us direct at 859-630-0666, or you can write to us with the details of your accident by using our free contact form.

We look forward to going to work for you.

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