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How Much Will I Receive From My Semi Accident Case?

Settlements Vary Depending On Damages, Policy Limits

It's one of the worst moments of your life.

You've been involved in an auto accident with a semi.

You're scared, confused, you might have been hurt. You're wondering what to do and where to turn for answers.

Who can help me? Who will take care of my car? Who will pay my medical bills?

A Catastrophic Semi Accident

In Kentucky, your own auto insurance policy will cover at least a portion of your medical costs.

Choice no-fault generally means that the injured party's insurance company is the primary payer, despite who is at-fault. The state minimum PIP coverage in Kentucky is $10,000.

But semis are massive vehicles that can destroy vehicles and seriously injure their occupants. It's not hard to imagine an accident involving a semi that exceeds $100,000.

What happens if the damage exceeds your PIP benefits?

Liability Coverage In Semi Accidents

When a semi accident proves catastrophic, a claim against the insurance company of the liable party might be an option.

Victims might be looking at an extended hospital stay, broken bones, surgery, extensive physical therapy. All of that costs money.

The coverage provided under your own policy might not be enough. Or your injuries might exhaust the statewide threshold for serious injury.

Policy Limits For Semis

The good news that semis are often well-insured due to federal law.

After all, semis carry tons of precious cargo over America's roadways and highways are dangerous places. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, 3,660 people were killed in 2014 in crashes involving large trucks; 68 percent of them were riding in passenger vehicles.

As a result, it's not uncommon for large trucking companies to carry policies of $1 million, $2 million or more.

Trucking companies go above and beyond state minimum coverage for several reasons. They want to protect their business against the loss of precious cargo and they know their massive semi trucks and trailers can cause serious damage and life-threatening injuries when things go bad.

Your semi accident settlement

So how much can you expect to receive for your semi accident claim?

The truth is, no honest attorney can tell you right off the bat. There are a number of factors that drive the value of a particular, many being subjective and unique to your case.

Some of these factors include: the circumstances surrounding the accident and whether there is a liability dispute; the seriousness of your injury; whether you had pre-existing medical conditions or past injuries; the severity of the property damage; the presence of aggravating facts such as intoxication or other criminal acts; and, the extent and nature of your medical treatment, etc.

Only by personally consulting with an attorney will you be able to gauge the potential value of your claim.

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No matter where you live in the state of Kentucky, we offer a free, no-risk consultation for anyone injured in semi truck accidents. This means you’ll never be charged to speak to us and the only way we receive payment for our legal services is if you receive compensation for your railroad accident and injury.

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