Accident Lawsuits Target Insurance Companies


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Accident Lawsuits Target Insurance Companies

Personal Assets Are Rarely Pursued

You've been injured in an accident.

The one thing you're sure about is that someone else is to blame.

Once you've called the police, been treated for your injuries and reported the matter to your insurance company, you might consider contacting a personal injury lawyer and filing a lawsuit.

While the claim will be based on negligence or fault on the other driver, your case will most likely be against the other driver's insurance company.

Choice No-Fault In Kentucky

In Kentucky, of course, the choice no-fault system is in place.

This means that your insurance company will cover your damages, regardless of who is at fault. If medical expenses exceed $1,000.00, however, or if serious, permanent or deforming injury should occur, claims are exempt from no-fault rules.

In such a case, you're free to pursue the other party's insurance company, often referred to as the "liability carrier."

Insurance Companies Take The Risk

Since auto insurance is required by law in the state of Kentucky, pursuing a claim against the insurance company makes sense.

The state minimum injury policy is $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident, meaning that any insured driver has at this much coverage. In some cases, the policy limits might be higher: $100,000, $250,000, even $1 million or more on a commercial policy.

After all, that's what insurance is there for. Insurance companies take the risk so that we don't have to. We buy their protection with our premiums.

Suing Insurance Companies Versus Suing People

The driver who is at fault might mistakenly believe "they filed a lawsuit against me." But in reality, the claim is against his or her insurance company.

The truth is that most people have very little in the way of personal assets, such as real estate, bank accounts, jewelry or other transferable valuables.

Only in rare circumstances is the at-fault party "collectible" -- meaning that he or she has personal assets above and beyond the limits of the insurance policy in place. In these cases, it usually involves a large corporation. Insurance is designed to protect assets such as homes, businesses and bank accounts. People with assets are virtually always well-insured.

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